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Clearly, platinumetude scared us all off with his ending to the…

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Clearly, platinumetude scared us all off with his ending to the Wilhelm chronicles. XD. So I'll be the first brave soul to resume posting.


She looked up at the red rocks that towered above her and the winding ramp that led towards the amphitheatre. With a sigh that was lost in the summer wind, she leaned on the metal rail and reached out a hand to touch fingertips to the sun-warmed rock. Her eyes closed.

There was a tawny feline on the ramp, paused just a moment on the wrong side of the railing. Dark eyes opened, took an orienting glance around, and the lithe beast launched itself over the rail and onto the steep slope of the rock. Pawpads found good traction on the coarse surface, and the mountain lion sprang up the slope with easy grace. Some distance below, now, there were humans laughing.

She glanced over her shoulder, eyes opening again, as a family of four walked slowly up the incline. The adults, middle-aged, were breathing hard in the thin, dry air while their young children shrieked their excitement and ran ahead. Past the family was another railing and a magnificent view of mountains and valleys and, in the distance, the city of Denver.

The cat watched the humans walk past, its brown gaze drifting briefly to the vista beyond their colorful bodies. Then, as the wind ruffled its fur, it turned and leapt to the top ridge of the rock, pacing along the arch with surety. Other red rocks protruded from the earth and rose above its rock, and the beast eyed them speculatively as it pondered its next move.

When the family was out of sight of the young woman leaning motionlessly on the railing, and the couple at the bottom of the ramp hadn't yet seen her, she closed her eyes again. With no one around to witness, she simply faded away.

The mountain lion leapt to the next rock, its black-tipped tail flicking once before vanishing over the ridge.

306 words.
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