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Holy Crap! I live!

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Ivory. I have always enjoyed it, and so I surround myself in it. My dwelling, my center. The sky above me, I let it go of its own accord, for control grows stale swiftly.

I sit in solitude, for I treasure each of my creations and do not wish for them to know the truth. And so, with that, I comfort myself. I am saving my 'children' by allowing them ignorance, though I would never desire ignorance for myself.

Am I so hypocritical? Am I wrong for this? Perhaps Wilhelm, and all those before him, walked a path I am blind to, even in a world where I hold the strings.

Who am I to deny them what they sought out, even if what they seek opens a door they cannot close? A door which allows the demon seductresses Truth and Existentialism to devour them at my feet?

If it is what they seek, am I wrong to deny them this damnation?

As a father I feel just, though as a human myself I feel as a dictator, keeping them from filling the emptiness within, even if it is for a brief second.

And so, I sit. Upon my ivory throne. Within my ivory chambers. Within my ivory palace.

My prison, my safeguard.

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