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As they made their way towards Vaquez's door, Madison's mind was…

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As they made their way towards Vaquez's door, Madison's mind was racing, even as she smiled and nodded at Vaquez's attempts at seduction.

If I knock him unconscious the moment we're in the door, I'll give myself away. If I wait for him to go in the bathroom, I can search his room. But what if he never does? And shit, what if I actually have to sleep with him? ...That settles it.

In the gold clutchbag Madison carried with her were several things: a ring, the stone of which contained an agent that would put a grown man to sleep on contact; an ornate silver comb that hid lock-picking tools; and the matching hairbrush that hid a jet of pepper spray in the handle. Madison dug the ring out of the purse, smiling slightly as she slid it on.

"I didn't want it to fall in the water. Daddy gave it to me when I was only thirteen." Madison fluttered her eyelashes at Vaquez as he unlocked the door, gesturing for her to go ahead of him. Madison did so, turning around to face him and opening her arms to him as he closed the door behind him. He went eagerly, turning his face to kiss Madison. As quickly as she could, Madison nimbly flipped open the stone of the ring, entwining her arms around his thick neck as she pressed the stone against the back of his neck.

Vaquez's mouth was three inches from hers before he slumped to the ground, unconscious.

Touching her comm device to activate it, Madison reported back to Cameron, already heading towards Vaquez's desk. "Madison -- one, Vaquez -- nothing."

Cameron merely chuckled. She was good.
* * *