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Wilhelm, Part 8

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At a passing glance, this thing might be mistaken for a human, though that was an enormous might. It sat on the corner of the woman's desk, arms crossed with a smug grin spread across its little lips, wearing a suit and tie to match his associate.

It looked as a child might look in feature and stature, however upon its forehead were two short horns that barely came out an inch. They were a light tan, almost white. The rest looked normal until he gazed down at the creature's feet poking out from beneath fine dress pants. Cloven hooves.

He blinked away sweat again, shaking his head rather than wincing this time. Still, the sting was painful and irritating. His vision blurred for a moment, but focused back to normal when he narrowed his eyes.

The chain entwined around his right arm jingled a bit on its own accord, drawing Wilhelm's gaze up its length. Again, to his surprise, the creature was there, balancing on the chain on the edge of the cone of light, his pale blond hair looking a bit mussed.

"What madness has befal--"

"Madness? MADNESS?" the hooved creature shouted, blatantly outraged as he stomped down the chain, unhindered, it seemed, by any sort of balancing or worry of falling, "Tell me, SOUTHLANDER, just what do YOU know of MADNESS?"

Wilhelm stared at the creatures legs, as he could not look up at him. He didn't know how to respond to that, and so he quieted.

"Enough, kniptaog." called the woman from her desk, adjusting her glasses and straightening the papers in front of her before rising from the chair.

"I have a name you know." came the monster's voice, no longer enraged, sounding more amused than anything now. The chain jingled once again and when the woman moved away from her chair, the creature was sitting in it, cheek resting on the knuckles of a loosely clenched fist.

"Shall we begin, then?"

* * *