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Three Days, cont.

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"So," Cameron said through her comm device. "What do you see?"

"Laptop, PDA, folders." Madison jerked open the drawers of the desk, flipping through papers and various envelopes. "Lots of stuff to go through. No way I can do it all in time before he wakes up. Do we have a cloner for the hard drive and PDA?"

Cameron made a thoughtful noise as he checked his briefcase. "No, you'll have to improvise."

"If by improvise, you mean remove the hard drive from his laptop without him noticing, I don't think that'd fly over too well. Unless we're not worried about that."

"Bring me the hard drive. I'll get a cloner. You'll have to get it back into his room somehow."

Madison paused, withdrawing a piece of paper, pretending to have not heard the last part of Cameron's statement. "I think I found something. It's an order form for a whole lot of chloraside-23." Chloraside-23 was an agent used in bio-hazardous weapons overseas. It was very much late-breaking technology, and the fact that Vaquez had ordered so much of it was alarming. Pulling out her sunglasses, Madison slid them on and pressed a discreet button in the bow to activate the built-in camera. She snapped a few pictures of the order form and put everything back as quickly as she could.

"I gotta get out of here, Cameron. He's about to wake up. I'll see you in a few seconds."


Madison hurried out towards the door. Just as she reached for the knob, even felt the cool metal of the fancy gold doorknob in her hand, the door flew open, and one of the biggest, burliest black men she'd ever seen stood in front of her.

"Who are you?" The man blinked at her, glancing behind her at Vaquez, still unconscious. "Did you do that to my boss?!" The man pushed her aside and rushed to Vaquez's side.

A very flustered Jessica Sanders flailed her arms and looked concerned. "He just..passed out!" She said helplessly, easing out the door. The huge man was too occupied in trying to revive his boss to notice her, and before she'd dug out her key, Cameron threw open the door to their room.

Madison was safe.

* * *