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Wilhelm, Part 8

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Missed a day! Blargh! Been a weird week, lots of work. Sorry about that!


They'd unshackled him to begin whatever procedure they had in mind. That was their first mistake.

He had tried to run through this room. That was his own first mistake.

He could hear the creature, the 'kniptaog's' hooves clicking on the smooth stone floor beneath his feet. It was walking, making no haste in its pursuit. Wilhelm, however, was running as fast as his legs could carry him and because of that, he ran headlong into a wall, pain screaming through his face and warm blood rushing from his nose and over his lips and chin.

A sound came from a few feet behind him, a 'tut tut' from the kniptaog.

"Now, now, now, oh seeker of madness-reason, oh bizarre Southlander," it crowed as it stepped closer and closer, "Why are you trying to run from me? Why are you hurting our walls with your big head? And the question buzzing around in my head the most is..."

A loud thud, two spot lights fell on the kniptaog and Wilhelm at the same time, its hooves still clicking against the floor as it walked.

"Why have you come here? Come to the tower of His madness, His lunacy. Who are you, Southlander? Even if you don't tell me...I can find the answers I seek inside your head."

* * *