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Preserving talent, 200 words at a time

Preserving Talent, 200 Words At A Time
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The Goal
To write at least 200 words of fiction every day.
Every style, genre, and format is acceptable, as long as it's fiction and at least 200 words. You may post all of your work, none of your work, or some of your work; the goal is just to get at least 200 words from pen to paper or keyboard to screen every single day.

1) Be reasonably polite.
Differences of opinion will eventually arise, and debates are wholeheartedly encouraged. However, keep the childish threats and name-calling to yourself.

2) Any material that is not work safe must be placed under a cut
By all means, post all the violence, sex, and drug use your little heart desires. However, for the sake of those members who read LiveJournal at work, keep anything questionable under a cut with a warning that it is NWS.

3) Large photos and multiple-photo entries must be placed under a cut.
For the sake of those on dial-up, and for the sake of everyone's friends page, please limit photos outside of a cut to no more than 500x500. Photos under a cut can be of any size, within reason.

4) Use tags
At the very least, tag your entries with your username. You are more than welcome to go beyond that and tag with things like genre, but just try to be consistent.


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